Hello Boys and Girls! A NZ Toy Story

by Toitū Otago Settlers Museum Shop

Hello Boys and Girls!
A New Zealand toy story

David Veart

A seriously fun New Zealand toy story!
Toys are made for playing with; but they are also serious business; as this remarkable story of New Zealanders and their toys makes clear. In Hello Girls and Boys! David Veart digs through a few centuries of pocket knives and plasticine to take us deep into the childhoods of Aotearoa.

The book covers little things and little people - homemade dolls and cereal toys; miniatures and marbles. From double happys and golliwogs to Buzzy Bees; tin canoes; Meccano and Tonka trucks - Hello Boys and Girls! revisits the crazes and collecting; playtimes and preoccupations of big and little New Zealand kids for generations.

Book Dimensions
240 x 200 x 30mm